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Coach Carl

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Together we can take back the house!

He's With Us

Carl Spoerer is running for Congress because he believes America can do better. He understands the challenges facing the working class, and he knows the Trump agenda is only making the situation worse.

Carl is not a career politician, but he’s the right man for the job. As the championship coach of the University of Illinois Women’s Rugby Club (and a former player) he’s spent decades developing leadership skills and and cultivating a winner’s mentality. And he’s going to need every bit of his competitive savvy in this election, as he will be taking on a Republican incumbent who has held his seat 22 years (and who ran unopposed in 2016).

John Shimkus is a loyal Trump supporter who follows the standard Republican playbook, favoring Wall Street over Main Street, corporations over unions, and Big Oil over the environment. Coach Carl has seen enough and knows Illinois deserves better. He is determined to prove to the Republican Party that no seat should be taken for granted. And with your support, we can make it happen.

Carl Spoerer

“I believe we are at a critical moment in American history. We cannot afford to stand by while Donald Trump and his Republican henchmen wage war on the working class. The recent tax cuts were a perfect example - a huge gift to the super-rich and corporations but minimal relief for everyone else. Representatives like John Shimkus need to know that Americans expect more from Washington, and this is our chance to step forward and demand change.”

His Opponent

John Shimkus is exactly the kind of representative that needs to be shown the door in 2018. He’s a committed climate change denier who bases his policies on scripture rather than science, and his views on healthcare, Planned Parenthood, environmental protection, and foreign policy are nearly as troubling.

Check out this video. Every dollar you contribute to Coach Carl will make it that much harder for Shimkus to return to Washington to continue pursuing his misguided, conservative policies.
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Together we can take back the house!